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[frame style = ”modern” image_path = ”” link_to_page = ” -the-mechanical-support-of-the-heart ”target =” ”description =” ”size =” three_col_small ”] It is fascinating to see how the development has gone towards the LVAD as we know it today. Many pioneers, thanks to creative skills and a good deal of perseverance, have paved the way to give their successors the opportunity to further perfect their products.
[frame style = ”modern” image_path = ”” link_to_page = ” -heart muscle ”target =” ”description =” ”size =” three_col_small ”] July 23, 2012 Cyborg jellyfish. Fortunately, the development of making heart tissue is not standing still, but sometimes ideas come from very strange quarters. Who thinks that the counterfeit of a Jellyfish might be the beginning of an artificial heart? Or offers a solution for batteries?
[frame style = ”modern” image_path = ”” link_to_page = ” -5-the-new-lvad ”target =” ”description =” ”size =” three_col_small ”] Important news for the development of the LVAD. The HeartAssist 5® is a new generation pump that has been approved by the FDA to investigate how this LVAD works in comparison to Thoratec's HeartMate II®.
[frame style=”modern” image_path=”” link_to_page=”” target=”_blank” description=”” size=”three_col_small”] In zijn inaugurele rede, Steunharten, tijdelijk of blijvend, vertelt prof. Jaap R. Lahpor hoe de ontwikkeling geweest is van de LVAD en wat zijn visie is op de voortgang van het steunhartprogramma met name in het UMC Utrecht. De inaugurele rede, Beeld en Getal, van prof. Lex A. van Herwerden gaat over het gebruik van beeld en getal dat van groot belang is bij hartoperaties.