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The SupportHartShirt is an adapted shirt for the batteries of the
HeartMate II and 3 from Abbott (Thoratec), developed in consultation and collaboration with a wearer.



The side panels of the shirt are made of unbleached cotton, this fabric (only available in off-white) does not stretch so that the batteries remain firmly in the holders.
The closures are with Velcro, this applies to both the battery holders and the straps for the cables.

IMG-20141127-WA0002  IMG-20141127-WA0007


The basic model can be ordered in white or black and with a round or V-neck.
The standard sizes are S (BW 98) M (BW 102) L (BW 106) and XL (BW 110)



Possibility to order an additional custom Eastpack bag for the controller.



For more information, please contact Support HeartShirts