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[frame style = ”modern” image_path = ”” link_to_page = ” ? mt = 8 ″ target = ”_ blank” description = ”” size = ”three_col_large”] A very handy app is this Cardiograph meter. Installed on your iPhone, you can measure your heart rate using the camera. And…. which is very interesting for people with an LVAD…. their heart rate is also measurable on this app !! We do not know whether and how this can be installed on other telephones, but via google many possibilities are offered. We would like to hear if this has been successful through us Contact Form.
[frame style = ”modern” image_path = ”” link_to_page = ” belt ”target =” ”description =” ”size =” three_col_large ”] The Safe Comfort Belt.

A strap designed to safely and comfortably carry the LVAD controller and batteries. For more information about this you can Contact with us.