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Purpose of is an independent website with the aim of collecting and passing on information about the mechanical support of the heart.

This can be of benefit to people who have or who may be implanted with an LVAD, as well as professionals from the medical and scientific fields. The information comes from publications that have appeared in the media, the experience and perception of LVAD users and of professionals in hospitals and other disciplines.

Implanting an LVAD is a treatment method for patients with severe heart failure that was initially only used in those waiting for a heart transplant who were in danger of dying before a suitable donor heart was available.

Developments are rapid and the possibilities for applying this support seem to be getting wider and wider, and it has become clear that it is possible to continue living in an acceptable manner for a longer period of time.

In 2015, a law was passed whereby the LVAD can be used as a destination therapy for heart failure: “A permanent support heart of the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) type can be part of the basic package for insured persons with heart failure. There is sufficient evidence that an LVAD may be useful for patients with 'end-stage heart failure'. These are patients who are no longer eligible for a heart transplant. ”

It must be said, however, that this treatment is not possible for all patients. More information about this can be found here.

The objective of is to publicize the existence and development of the support heart as much as possible.

In the news archive publications that have appeared in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet, as well as television and radio broadcasts, are listed by year. On the homepage the latest news is listed first.