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News archive 2015

Support heart / LVAD as a treatment

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“Destination Therapy” has thus been definitively changed into “LVAD treatment”. New possibilities are emerging in hospitals where the supporting heart is already being implanted. People with certain forms of end-stage heart failure, who are not eligible for a ...

St. Jude Medical acquires Thoratec

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On October 7, 2015 it was announced that the acquisition of Thoratec by St. Jude Medical is a fact. On July 21, 2015, the news came that this acquisition ...

St. Jude acquisition Thoratec

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PLEASANTON, Calif., Oct. 7, 2015 / PRNewswire / - Thoratec Corporation (NASDAQ: THOR), a world leader in mechanical circulatory support therapies to save, support and restore failing hearts, announced today that all proposals necessary for…

LVAD, support heart in basic package! Confirmation of VWS.

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There was some uncertainty as to whether the content of the press release, published on 11 March last, is a given or a recommendation. has contacted the National Health Care Institute from where the…

LVAD in basic package

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The press release below was published on 11 March 2015: "A permanent support heart of the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) type can be part of the basic package for insured persons with heart failure.

Recover Heart Muscle with Stem Cells?

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Scientists have long been developing stem cells that could repair or replace a damaged or diseased heart. This turns out to be very difficult, especially because it ...