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Report Working Group LVAD

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The Dutch Society for Thoracic Surgery (NVT) and the Dutch Society for Cardiology (NVVC) have set up a working group to investigate the extent to which assisted hearts, LVADs, can be used as (destination) therapy. This working group is composed of members of both associations who were informed during a meeting on April 20, 2011 about the increasing discussion about the permanent implantation of LVADs.

Werkgroep LVAD NVVC en NVT

The assignment was to make a report that was as unanimous as possible in which the following elements would be included:

  1. future vision of the LVADs
  2. drawing up indications
  3. quality criteria for implant centers
  4. how to create a safe program. 

A working group has been formed based on a balanced distribution between surgeons and cardiologists, representatives of transplant and non-transplant centers and of academic and non-academic centers and consists of:

  • dr. G. Bol Raap, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • dr. K. Caliskan, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Department of Cardiology
  • dr. DW Donker, Maastricht UMC
  • dr. N. de Jonge, UMC Utrecht, Cardiology department
  • Prof. dr. dr. JR Lahpor, UMC Utrecht, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Prof. dr. dr. RJM Klautz, chairman, Leiden UMC, Department of Thoracic Surgery
  • Prof. dr. dr. H. van Swieten, Radboud UMC Nijmegen
  • dr. W Suyker, Isala Klinieken Zwolle, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • dr. HF Verwey, Leiden UMC, Heart Disease Department
  • Prof. dr. dr. AA Voors, chairman, UMC Groningen, Department of Cardiology.

The report extensively examines the feasibility, quality of life and survival rates for heart failure patients after implantation of the LVAD. In addition, the risk factors are extensively discussed and finally the quality requirements that the LVAD implanting centers should meet.

A very clear and meaningful report that is easy to read with a little knowledge.

Look here for the full report.