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This LVAD was still in the Clinical Trial phase in 2016 and is ultimately not used.

The MVAD is the successor to the firm's HVAD HeartWare – Medtronic and the name says it all, the MVAD is smaller than the HVAD.

HVAD  Full heart and pump inside

HVAD = HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device

MVAD  mvad-implanted-cross-section-hr

MVAD = Miniature Ventricular Assist Device

So at first glance there isn't much difference between the two pumps, they appear about the same size and are inserted into the heart in the same way. However, a completely new technique has been used, which we will try to explain below.


Blood flow

Blood flow in detail


The HVAD has a centrifugal system, which means that it is driven by means of a magnetic field in which the propeller can rotate freely. This drive is located in the lower part, just outside the heart.

mvad-pump-aerial-hr mvad-impeller-held-hr

MVAD inside

The MVAD has an axial drive where the mechanism is located in the heart muscle.


Below are the positive developments brought out by HeartWare.

As mentioned, the pump of the MVAD is located in the part that is introduced into the heart muscle. This pump is a lot smaller than the centrifugal unit that is used with the HVAD, which is why an axial pump was chosen.
The technique is based on the same contactless suspension as used in the HVAD. The propeller is held in place on one side and rotates through a combination of passive magnetic and hydrodynamic forces. This small pump can pump both small and larger amounts of blood and is therefore suitable for small and large hearts. Perhaps in the future it can be used for both the right and the left ventricle, as RVAD or BIVAD.

MVAD compleet op lichaam

With the MVAD, the controller is attached to the battery, so that the wearing comfort is greatly increased.

MVAD controller-front-lr  MVAD controller-held-lr  MVAD controller-held-2-lr

[video_right][video_frame] [iframe url=”” width=”572″ height=”312″] [/video_frame] [video_text] [h2] MVAD in pictures [/h2] This video shows an animation of how the MVAD is implanted.