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[h1]2 Heartmate II pumps from Thoratec together form an artificial heart[/h1]

Jakub Halik during a press conference with an animation of the pumps in the background.

October 2, 2012

A 37-year-old Czech firefighter, Jakub Halik, has extended his life by 6 months by participating in an experiment with two Heartmate II pumps from Thoratec. Normally, this type of pump is used as an LVAD to support the left ventricle only.


Jakub Halik had a malignant tumor in his heart. The only solution for him was a heart transplant, but the medication that is needed afterwards weakens the immune system to such an extent that it promotes the growth of cancer cells.

Continuing with the tumor in his heart gave him a life expectancy of at most a year. The moment Halik was offered the option of removing his heart and implanting the 2 pumps in its place, he decided to seize this opportunity and gave permission for the operation.




An earlier experiment at Craig Lewis, a 55-year-old patient from Texas, had shown that it was possible to carry out this operation. This patient died a month later from the effects of the incurable disease that also affected his heart.

An X-ray showing the two pumps.

Jakub Halik was doing well, he trained hard to regain his fitness and felt his strength slowly returning.

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Sadly, on October 17, two weeks after this news was announced, word came that Halik has passed away from liver failure. Read more here.