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LVAD in basic package

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The press release below was published on 11 March 2015:

Persbericht Zorginstituut Nederland

“A permanent support heart of the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) type can be part of the basic package for insured persons with heart failure. There is sufficient evidence that an LVAD may be useful for patients with 'end-stage heart failure'. These are patients who are no longer eligible for a heart transplant. ”
This is what Zorginstituut Nederland writes in its position “LVAD as a destination therapy for heart failure”.

Some important excerpts:

Selection of patients

The indication 'end-stage heart failure' is set by the practitioners. Physicians must carefully select patients and only professionals with expertise in advanced heart failure should perform this care.

Experts estimate that the number of Dutch patients with end-stage heart failure who qualify is about 75 per year.

Look here for it full press release and the notice like that at Zorginstituut Nederland is placed.

In the letter sent on February 27, 2015 has been sent to Minister Schippers, the “Position point LVAD as destination therapy for heart failure” is detailed as substantiated by the National Health Care Institute.

There was some confusion as to whether this message was an announcement or a recommendation. has contacted the authorities about this.