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Fascinating and educational LVAD conference

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The conference that took place on November 8, 2013 in Zeist can be called a great success.

Zaaloverzicht Congres

What was especially experienced as very special was that this conference was organized for both the medical profession and the patients. In the end, about 120 people had registered, an excellent result for a first meeting in this form.


In the audience, the professional/non-professional split was 50/50, so there was a good balance between these two groups.


The speakers came from 3 of the 4 hospitals where the LVAD is implanted, an LVAD manufacturer, the Heart Foundation and 4 patients with an LVAD. The central question was to what extent the assistive heart should be used more often, if so by whom, in what circumstances and at what time.


The 'technical' possibilities and chances of survival were highlighted from the hospitals. The experiences within the own hospital where statistics from home and abroad were shown.




The patients and the Heart Foundation gave an idea of how you can live with a supportive heart and what you can encounter in daily life.

The wearers of an LVAD how they experience this, where it also became clear that everyone deals with it in their own way.

The Hartstichting supplemented this with how the other group of heart patients feel about this and how you as a Hartstichting could deal with this.

In short, it was an exciting and instructive day, which actually went by far too quickly. The conference took an hour longer than planned. The overall impression was that both the visitors and the speakers had a very positive experience of this day.

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