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Battery that lasts 50 years!

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Technology advances and energy storage (electricity) is becoming increasingly important!

This could have a positive effect on the energy supply of mechanical support of the heart as well as on artificial hearts.

The startup company Betavolt in Beijing, China, announced that they have developed a battery that can provide electricity for 50 years without needing to be recharged.

Betavolt is a Chinese company that claims its new atomic energy battery can generate electricity stably and autonomously for 50 years without charging or maintenance. Betavolt atomic energy batteries meet the demand for sustainable energy for various civilian applications, including AI devices, medical devices, MEMS systems, advanced sensors, small drones and micro robots.

New developments also raise new questions - is this nuclear solution safe? -how hot do these batteries get? -do they provide enough energy to run an LVAD pump?

Answers to these questions and much more technical information are available can be read here.